Cancellation Policy

OS Infosolutions strives to provide an excellent customer experience. We take all refund requests seriously and will provide refunds for any service related deficiency faced by customer within 15 days from the date of payments. After the expiry of 15 days from the date of account activation, No refund request will be entertained for any reason whatsoever. Any customer service matters or refund requests may be directed to and we will respond to your request by email.
We will process all the cancellation request with 7 working days.

OS Infosolutions retains the right to accept or reject any refund request depending upon the precise circumstances of the case in question. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Return Policy:

OS Infosolutions does not deal in any physical product, so returning the product is not available.

Refund Policy:

if customer paid twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded via same source within 15 to 20 working days by OS infosolutions.

Service Delivery Policy:

Once we received the payments we will activate the service with next 2 working days.

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